R. C. Dog Care is designed to meet the socialization, exercise and development needs of your dog.

Our 8,000 square foot cage-free facility allows dogs to continuously interact with the other dogs and our staff throughout the entire day. R. C. Dog Care will provide your dog the all-day enjoyment of supervised play with other dogs in spacious climate-controlled indoor playrooms, which will keep your pet comfortable in all weather. 

Dogs will play in separate supervised playgroups based on size and energy level. Smaller and less boisterous dogs will play in separate groups from the rough-and-rowdy dogs. Besides the exercise aspect of daycare, dogs are social animals. The companionship of people and other dogs at daycare makes these dogs calmer and easier to live with at home. You no longer have to leave your dog at home locked in the room or out in the backyard to prevent the destruction of your house due to separation anxiety. Your dog can now spend 1, 2, 3 or more days a week playing with other dogs and learning how to act appropriately around people and other dogs. Because playtime is supervised, calm, well-mannered behavior is constantly reinforced.

We help house train young puppies, get them through teething without destruction, and give them critically important socialization with other puppies and nice dogs. Adolescents are probably our biggest group-after all, these are the terrible teens, the time when dogs need exercise and playtime most. But even mature and elderly dogs benefit from daycare.

We provide caring, safe, supervised play and just plain fun “home away from home” experience for the special canines in your life at those times when their loving owners are not able to provide it themselves. Indoor & outdoor activities and loving attention are included in every stay.